The Big Baltic Forum of Kin Domains

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The Big Baltic Forum of Kin Domains

Standartinė Arturo Šeš 2012 12 01, 13:23

Dear friends in Lithuania,

My name is Arturs Polis and I am one of the activists among Vladmir Megre readers in Latvia.

I met Rasa Pranskevičiūtė from Lithuania few weeks ago. She interviewed me about Anastasia`s movement in Latvia. We also talked about movement in Lithuania, and then we realized that it is quite weird that there has not really been a communication between readers in both countries.

So the idea came into my mind – how would it be if we try to organize an event together…?

We had a Forum of Kin domain`s in October. Around 70 people came from all corners of Latvia to share their experience of creating kin domains and changing their lifestyles. People could buy cedar products. We had many presentations and singing between. We also planted 5 cedar trees. At the end of the day we had the „get to know festival” (for those seeking the other half) with 16 people (it was the 3rd such festival this year). You are very welcome to see photos and get an insight in this event by visiting our homepage

One of participants came especially from Moscow… So I think to myself – if he could come, then maybe we can organize something together next year and visit each other.

We plan to organize the big Baltic Forum of Kin Domains in the beginning of August 2013. The place would be Dubulti in Jurmala (seaside). The idea is to make a 3-day event starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday. One day (probably Friday) would be the "get to know" festival - only for games, joy and finding the other half's... The other days would be with presentations - short presentations of 5-10 minutes each and longer lectures of 1 hour about specific themes.
The languages would be English for "get to know festival" and English or Russian for presentations.

There would be sleeping place for up to 30 people in the place of event.

What do you think about this idea? What activities would you be more interested in? How many people could possibly come from Lithuania and which language would they prefer? Would you like to participate in organizing such an event?

It will be very nice if you suggest anyone else to contact about this proposal.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Arturs Polis
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Užsiregistravo: Šeš 2012 12 01, 13:20

Grįžti į Susieikime!

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