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Feng Šui

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Re: Feng Šui

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Ar žinojote, jog Feng Šui gali padėti atsikratyti žalingų įpročių?

The ancient Chinese system has some fascinating advice for reducing our dependence on smoking, drinking, using narcotics, or unhealthy eating.

Who knew feng shui could help us break bad habits? But it can. Find out how:

If you are new to feng shui, look here to find out where the different areas are in your home: Map Your Bedroom With Feng Shui

If smoking is the problem, here are some activities that make good alternatives: Breathing, meditating, exercising, singing. Supporting feng shui activities are: Fortify your bedroom (which represents the lungs of the house) with aromatherapy that will expand your breathing and encourage your interest in healing with scent. Eucalyptus and pine are the scents that strongly support the health of the lungs.

If alcohol is a problem for you, good alternative activities include: Taking baths, painting, writing, poetry, using divination, creating rituals, working with crystals. Feng Shui says that alcohol consumption is closely associated with family patterns. Focus on peaceful colors for your Family/Health area: Azure blue or green are highly recommended. Place a chime in this area and energize the chi by ringing it often.

If you use narcotics, alternative activities are: Drumming, dancing, pursuing yang sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Feng Shui teaches that narcotics are associated with the element of Fire, which corresponds to your Fame/Reputation area. Clear off the walls of your Fame/Reputation area. Place one simple image of powerful art that is red, the fiery color of power. Charge your Creativity/Children area with white flowers.

If you have unhealthy eating patterns, alternative activities include: Gardening, practicing yoga, weight lifting, knitting, walking. Feng Shui advises that you clean your Family/Health area and remove any advertisements for food, or loud synthetic or plastic colors. Fortify this area with hints of green and natural elements of simplicity, such as a plant. The element Earth corresponds to the stomach in Chinese medicine–your relationship area, so clean and embellish your Relationships/Romance area.