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Hormonai, vaistai vandentiekyje

Would You Like Drugs With That?
Pharmaceuticals in U.S. Tap Water

Antibiotics, sex hormones, and other prescription drugs contaminate drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, according to a 5-month investigation by the Associated Press.

How'd the drugs get there? When people take pills, their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it is flushed down the toilet. Water treatment plants aren't designed to remove pharmaceutical residues, so they stay in the water.

What you can do:

* learn more about drugs in tap water
* find out what else is in your water in EWG's Tap Water Database
* use a reverse osmosis filtration system to remove many chemicals (though we're still investigating which filtration systems remove pharmaceuticals - stay tuned for more info)
* contact your Senators and Representatives to demand stricter oversight

What's in your water?
Use EWG's National Tap Water Quality database to find out.

[trumpai: vandens valymo įrenginiai nėra sukonstruoti vaistų, hormoninių, kontraceptinių preparatų valymui]

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Paveikslėlis How big is your water footprint?

Climate change and an increasing population is putting stress on the Earth's global water supply. By going vegan, each of us can take a simple step to greatly reducing our impact on the planet and its resources. The meat and dairy industries have two of the largest and wasteful water footprints in food production and use much more water than plant-based agriculture.

* Order a free Go Vegan pack
* More information about the environmental impact of animal farming

Tapk veganu - padėk išvengti vandens krizės pasaulyje.